Car2Go and the Optimized Street Sweeping Program

I’m very curious to see how the City of Torrance will address the Car2Go issue in light of the new optimized street sweeping program they are implementing.  The new street sweeping initiative will install several thousand “No Parking for Street Sweeping” signs throughout Torrance and the city will begin ticketing all residents that don’t comply.  As justification for implementing this sign and ticket program, they claimed the streets had to be clear for street sweeping.  Otherwise, the street sweepers couldn’t do their job and the city would be fined $10K a day for allowing pollutants into the runoff. 

There are those, however, including myself who harbor suspicions that this street sweeping program is less about reducing pollution and more about creating badly needed revenue for the city through increased parking tickets.  Either way, questions abound.  For example, how come the City of Ranchos Palos Verdes – a city that also has run-off flowing into the same Machado Lake waters that Torrance is apparently concerned about – only performs street sweeping once a month in residential areas and doesn’t ticket residents.  According to Torrance officials, such a lax street sweeping program should subject that city to the same $10K a day fine Torrance used as threat in order to pass the unpopular street sweeping program.  

Also, with the Council apparently being so concerned about having clear streets, why would they then allow these Car2Go cars to park all over residential areas?  How will they ensure these cars are moved for the street sweeper?  And if they aren’t, who gets the tickets?


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