Council to Discuss Threat to Public Services or Facilities

The agenda for next Tuesday’s City Council meeting includes a discussion with regard to a threat to public services or facilities. The public will not have the opportunity to comment on the matter as the potentially worrisome issue will be heard in closed session.

California Government Code section 54957 allows for a legislative body to meet in closed session to discuss “a threat to the security of essential public services, including water, drinking water, wastewater treatment, natural gas service, and electric service, or a threat to the public’s right of access to public services or public facilities.”

The agenda discloses no details as to the nature of the threat.

In recent months, however, the City has implemented enhanced security measures at City Council meetings and hired armed guards to patrol City libraries.


  • Arthur J Plourde = Facebook also

    Really, I believe the Council and the Mayor need to serve the community and the citizens thereof by providing details as to why these extra measures have been employed which I am certain are billable back to public at large in the community somehow. When is this city going to start being transparent to the citizens whose taxes they spend foolishly, disrespecfully, wantonly, and w/o oversight of any kind. I think it is time for the dark curtain to be pulled back and all revealed so that everyone knows what the city is up to, why they are doing what they do, and why the costs of living in this city have grown astonomically high. The salaries in the city that have been recently revealed with key city personnel is outrageous, and bloated to say the least with respect to what the community gets back for the amount spent. Torrance needs to begin a justification to the community to show the need, the benefits of, and the comparable costs from other cities like this one. Enough of robbing the public w/o explanation or due process! WE THE PEOPLE ARE NOW WATCHING EVERY MOVE THIS CITY MAKES AND WE ARE NOT AFRAID TO CALL A SPADE A SPADE WHEN WE NOTICE ONE. NO ONE IN THIS CITY WHO IS WORKING FOR “WE THE PEOPLE” SHALL NOT BE ACCOUNTABLE TO US AND THE SPENDING OF OUR TAX DOLLARS. This city needs to be more open and transparent with respect to allowing the public the opportunity to comment or hold hearings on matters which concern the publics pocket as well as security! NO MORE SECRET ANYTHING THIS CITY WANTS AND NEEDS TRANSPARENCY IN ALL INSTANCES!!! Enough is Enough!!!

  • Guest

    Fear mongering by city officials to get ready to ask for more money. They have increased everything they can legally get their hands on. We have more police officers on the payroll but somehow I haven’t seen one around in the last 6 months and increase in crime. Get ready for an initiatve for tax increase or a bond.

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