Torrance Proposes Splash Pad at Wilson Park

splash_origLast September the City emptied and fenced the pond at Wilson Park in response to state water conservation requirements. Since that time, the City has been exploring options to re-purpose the pond with the goal of reaching a sustainable and ecological solution.

The proposed solution is to create a smaller pond with a bio-filter and then turn the south end of the current pond into a 3,000 square foot splash pad for use by the public during the warm weather months. City staff estimates this concept would result in a net water savings of approximately 10,000 to 50,000 gallons per year.

To help fund the project, the City has applied for a $300,000 grant offered through Supervisor Don Knabe’s office for park amenities. Under the City’s proposal, another $210,000 needed to complete the project would come from Parks and Recreation Open Space Funds.

The City Council approved the initial concept for the splash pad at their final meeting of last year and the City hopes to have the project completed and open to the public as soon as this summer.


  • Concerned Citizen

    That pond at Wilson park is just a lost cause at this point. A cheap idea would be to dump a bunch of dirt in it and a few plants and call it a day. But city wants to be fancy and spend another $500k on top of what was spent to fix it twice, but who is counting at this point, its not their money!
    While a splash pad for the kids during hot summer days may not be a bad idea, what will happen when little Johnny is running around, falls and cracks his head open?? Maybe the city lawyers need more law suits against the city to fill their days or maybe they are looking for overtime pay to handle these extra cases.

  • B. Hayes

    I think it is a great idea. We go to the splash pad up on Redondo Beach Blvd all the time. It gets quite busy in the summer, but the kids always have a blast. I am surprised a splash pad would save so much water compared to that tiny little pond. I believe the ground is rubberized, so no cracked skulls. I suppose we could shut down all city parks and keep our kids inside all day playing video games so we don’t have to worry about lawsuits.

    • Concerned Citizen

      You must not be watching how much money Torrance is currently spending on law suits, but who cares not our issue!

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