Key Legislation

The purpose of this page is to highlight key legislation enacted by the Torrance City Council.


Approved a Series of Annual Rate Increases for Sewer Collection Services

The increases will likely double to triple the cost of service to the average consumer and will begin taking effect 01 January 2017.

Updated Guidelines for Publication of the “Torrance eNewsletter”

This occurred after the City had published an advertisement from the Torrance Refining Company in its newsletter. The move angered local refinery safety advocates who claimed that the the City should not be publishing what amounted to one sided corporate propaganda.

Ordinance Adopting Expedited Permitting Process for Small Residential Rooftop Solar Energy Systems

Major requirements include posting checklists and standard plans on the City’s website. Only one inspection required, which shall be done in a timely manner.  Established a standard permit fee of $400.

The Ordinance passed by a 6 to 1 vote with Councilmember Goodrich dissenting.

Ordinance Allowing Keeping of Hens by Special Permit

This ordinance allows for the keeping of hens if conditions are met such as 1) the hens must be kept in a coop no nearer than 15 feet from rear property line and 10 feet from side property line; 2) hens not allowed to run at large unattended; and 3) coops must be cleaned and well maintained.

The Ordinance passed by a 5 to 2 vote with Mayor Furey and Councilwoman Ashcraft dissenting.

Urgency Ordinance Establishing Planning Commission Review of Alterations or Demolitions of Structures Identified in Historic Resource Survey

This ordinance only applies to properties zoned residential and located within the original Torrance Tract area.  The ordinance was adopted after concerns were raised that homes that could be deemed historic were being demolished or altered without community awareness and City oversight.

The Ordinance passed by a 5 to 1 vote with Mayor Furey abstaining and Councilwoman Ashcraft dissenting.

4th of July Fireworks Show

The fireworks show will be held at the Civic Center at a cost of $75K.  Mayor Furey capped his October 2015 State of the City address by unveiling the surprise that the fireworks celebration would be returning to the City.

The item passed by a 6 to 1 vote with Councilwoman Ashcraft dissenting.

Ordinance Prohibiting Medical Marijuana Dispensaries and Marijuana Cultivation

The Ordinance passed by a unanimous 7 to 0 vote.



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