Torrance Proposes Steep Sewer Rate Increase; Protest Form Coming Due

imageThe Council is set to approve at its forthcoming meeting this Tuesday a series of annual sewer rate increases. The increases, if implemented, will likely double to triple the cost of service to the average consumer.  Under the proposal, initial rate increase will take effect as soon as 01 January 2017 and it is projected that a service that currently costs the average consumer $3.96 will jump to $8.05 by January 2018. That rate will then continue to go up through 2021.

The rate increase will yield substantial additional revenues for the City. The staff report indicates that revenues generated by the sewer rates are currently projected to yield $2.8 Million for FY 2017. Once the new rates come into effect, revenue is expected to increase by nearly $5 Million to $7.7 Million.

Under Proposition 218 revenues generated through sewer rates should be proportional to the costs it takes to provide the service. A public notice sent to affected residents indicates the increased revenue is needed to offset operating cost increases, to fund needed wastewater system infrastructure replacements, to implement new regulatory mandates, and to stabilize long-term wastewater rates.

Residents could block the proposed rate increases by a majority protest. For that to occur a majority (50% plus one) of account owners would have to submit a formal protest of the action to City Hall by the end of the public hearing to be held at the Council meeting this coming Tuesday. Protest forms, with instructions on how to complete them, were mailed to all account holders.

If the rate increase passes, it will apply to all residents receiving sewer collection service from the City of Torrance.


  • Guest

    Water fund is not enough to offset their spending, we have to go after sewer rate! Wake up Torrance before it gets too late.

  • Mike Kosidlak

    Interesting that some of the most prolific opponents to govt spending and taxing are quiet on this. I personally feel that the rate should start lower. Almost equal to a current cost. Then they can gradually raise it. They want their 7 digit balance right of the bat. Understandable, but I bet they don’t need to whack the residents so hard, so fast. I would love to see this defeated, but there was no requirement other than the 1 piece of mail. AND it has to get 50%+1of customers opposed for it to be defeated.(the way I understand it) You get what you vote for.

    • I agree as I don’t believe that steep of a rate increase is justified considering that taxpayers are not supposed to be paying more than the cost of the service. I just don’t see how the City can justify that costs to provide the service will increase by so much over the next five years. Unfortunately, I see this as just another way to justify a tax increase upon Torrance residents. It’s unlikely that a majority will protest as sadly most probably did not take the time to read the public notice, but I hope the City gets enough protests that it will send a message to City Hall that Torrance residents that are paying attention are not in favor of this proposal.

  • Anonymous

    More complaints with no involvement at all. Couch potato activism.

    • Linda Gottshall-Sayed

      I am very curious as to how it is you conclude that “Guest” or “Mike Kodislak” are … how do u put it? Couch potato activists? I know you can’t be referring to Clint Paulson, Clint has been a very vocal activist. Very interesting how you point fingers and engage in categorical name calling, Anonymous. Who are you anyway?

  • Anonymous

    How’s that drug problem?

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