Legado Before Redondo City Council Tomorrow Night



This is a call to action, please mark your calendars for April 5th at 6:00pm.

Legado returns to bring their traffic, density and side kick: bulldozers! 6:00pm is when the City Council starts, if you can not get there until 8:00pm, that fine, JUST SHOW UP!! We expect to fill up the Council Chambers, you might need to bring a chair to sit outside, be prepared. Please come to the podium, speak about Density, Traffic, Hotel and Community Character.

Density: 146 or 149 units is simply too much. The MAXIMUM allowable residential units is 110. Over-building is not legal, and it’s not right. Traffic: The traffic mitigation plan is not correct, concentrating on CalTrans traffic mitigation on PCH, and not on Palos Verde’s is a major issue. Fix the intersection FIRST, and DONT take out our beloved trees!

Hotel: There is no current plan to upgrade the Hotel, which the community has said time and time again that they want to be preserved and brought up to date. Community Character: This project simply does not fit the character of the Community, and needs to be scaled back. Building a massive structure such as this is not an asset to the community, rather it is detriment to our community.

Please show up, SPEAK your three minutes.  You do not need a speaker card, wait until the Mayor asks for more speakers. Please RE-ITERATE the same points over and over again.


Planning Commission DENIAL


The Planning Commission already UNANIMOUSLY DENIED the Legado project, now it’s the City Council; time! Read the DENIAL letter here: http://www.saveriviera.org/legado-denial/
Now we just need to get the City Council to do the same!


*****This post was authored by the Save the Riviera Group*****

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  • Carlene Ringer and George Mayol

    We have sent letters to the Planning Committee expressing our dismay at the plans. We will be there tonight.

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