Patrick Furey Jr. Resigns from TUSD Personnel Commission

Mayor Furey and son Patrick Furey, Jr. (photo taken from Daily Breeze)

Mayor Furey and son Patrick Furey, Jr. (photo taken from Daily Breeze)

Patrick Furey Jr. has resigned from the Torrance Unified School District (TUSD) Personnel Commission. The news was confirmed via an e-mail by new Deputy Superintendent Dr. Tim Stowe who released an internal memo on the subject.

Furey Jr.’s position on the Commission had come under fire due to his role in a political scandal involving illegal campaign contributions to his father’s 2014 mayoral campaign that led to a $35,000 fine by the Fair Political Practices Commission (FPPC). Furey Jr. served as his father’s campaign manager during that election campaign.

The incident resulted in Furey Jr. stepping down earlier this year from his role on the City’s Traffic Commission just prior to when the Council was to hold a vote on whether to oust him. In his resignation letter, he said that “these sad political attacks on the Mayor and my family are embarrassing our City.”  He also lamented that:

“Now the most extreme elements of our City – people who literally do nothing but complain, make vicious public attacks about people they don’t even know, and write racist and homophobic blogs – call all the shots. Now they can move on to just attacking my father and leave my family out of it.”

Furey Jr. was initially appointed to the Personnel Commission in December 2012. His father had previously served in the same role from 2006 to 2008. Furey Jr. was re-appointed to the position in December 2015 and his current term does not expire until December 2018.

The Commission was established to ensure favoritism and nepotism are kept out of the District’s hiring practices and that employees are hired based only upon demonstrated ability and not on who they know. Furey Jr. was appointed to the Commission by the California School Employees Association (CSEA) Chapter #845.  His mother, Teresa Furey, is still currently listed on CSEA’s website as its First Vice President.

CSEA has 15 days from the day the position became vacant to publicly submit a new name to fulfill the remainder of Furey Jr.’s term.


  • Oh my! The news just gets better and better for Torrance residents!

    Now it’s time to get rid of the corrupt mayor!

  • Torrance Voter

    It was said that “The Commission was established to ensure favoritism and nepotism are kept out of the District’s hiring practices” So true but the exception was the commission itself.

    The entire family is sponging of this city with favoritism, nepotism and cronyism.

  • Hey Jr. Nobody attacked your family as a whole. Both you and your dad keep on blaming others for both of your actions. McCormick has to go along with your vindictive dad next. Best thing dad can do is step down, second best is not even run in 2018. After your dad decided to spit in a trash can next to my arm, hitting my arm with his spit, I decided to do anything in my power to destroy his chance at a second term. I believe you have a wonderful mom. It is you and daddy that proved that winning elections was more important than having integrity. I know your dad rather see me dead, remember we have friends in common. It’s time the mayor stop with his BS attitude towards everyone that doesn’t agree with him.

  • Left wing Liberals always use “Extremist” in conversation, when in fact they too are considered “Extremist”. Also, if seeking the truth, accountabilty, trustworthiness, and integrity out of our elected and appointed representatives is being Extremist, then by all means, I am an Extremist.

  • Anonymous

    Best news I have heard in a long time. Now all we need is for his father to follow suit and resign.

  • Archie

    Great News..I guess Torrance can resurface now

  • Babe

    Humpty Dumpty Sat on a Wall
    It was all planned years ago and almost was successful
    Anyone get in there way and your called a bigot.
    D.A. investigation probably still open ..

  • TreeMe

    the government benefit tree just shrunk a little payers saved more money
    Watch the next appointment by that so called Union…will pick whoever SR wants…


    vote to eliminate the commission..get it on the ballot and vote Yes to eliminate it….save money lots of it

  • Anonymous

    Did you ask anybody to find out why he resigned? Or did you just make assumptions. Because some people know the real reason… had you bothered to do some research.

    • Sounds like you have some inside information. Why not share with the rest of us and let us know who your source is? There were no assumptions made in the article. I just posted the facts.

      • Anonymous

        you clearly implied that it was due to something involving the things you brought up rather than finding out from the horses mouth. And now you want us to do your work for you. If you want to be a journalist, you should do some research and stop insinuating that things are related to whatever you think they are related to.

  • Anonymous

    There’s so much corruption, look who is principal at Bert Lynn Middle school and who his father happens to be.

  • Linda Gottshall-Sayed

    Hey Anonymous … if you aren’t willing to stand behind your hateful, personal statements … then why are you posting anything at all? Could it be because you have more “time” to play mind games and bully people now that you have resigned from two Torrance commissions? If you respond, have the strength of character to stand behind your words and identify yourself. Oops … I forgot who I was talking to.

  • Anonymous

    Anybody background check the mayors history as a police detective?

    • Anonymous

      Ooooh there’s a scoop there, I bet! Or maybe we should background check his history as a child abuse prosecutor. I bet there some juicy stuff in there where he helped people….

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