TTA Presents 2016-2017 Contract Proposal

Newly elected Torrance Teachers Association (TTA) President Deborah Tabush, along with other association leaders, presented their initial contract proposal for 2016-2017 at the last meeting of the TUSD Board of Education.

Tabush offered that the proposed items were not generated in a vacuum and were the result of a year long process in which they gathered input from all their members. Tabush then closed her remarks by saying that, “our negotiation team looks forward to initiating and continuing discussion with TUSD in hopes of reaching an amicable agreement that will be in the best interests of teachers and students.”

The TTA’s initial demands are as follows:tta-proposal


  • Guest

    As expected, very little for the kids, all for the union.

  • Anonymous

    Oh, but everything that they do is for the kids.
    Why won’t the TTA ever bring their expectations to a public forum first? Get PARENT AND PUBLIC input to their list of wants. My taxes are paying for the education, so ‘splain it to me FIRST, dang-it! The public needs to know: How is that COLA adjustment going to help a child? How about taking a COLA adjustment equal to the average of what the local businesses hand out to private sector? We all know why that won’t happen.

  • The job of the union is to try and get better pay and benefits. With this contract proposal that is what they are doing. Not any kind of surprise to me.

    • Hal90505 thanks for commenting. I think what rubs some people the wrong way (and please show me some leniency on this because I’m not sure I am going to articulate this well) is that the union leaders are constantly preaching that all they care about is the students and that they only want what is best for the kids. if it was all about the kids, as they often remind us, one might think you would see some proposals more geared toward student needs.

      • Yes, I hear that, that is the union’s usual propaganda. Just like I hear we have to cut taxes to keep the rich happy. Everyone likes to spin their indispensability when it is really their self interest that is at stake. It is all annoying.

  • Anonymous

    Why would anybody go to work everyday “only for the kids?” Do you go to work and think “only for my clients?” Do you have a job?

    Teachers go to work to pay their bills just like the rest of us. And they are underpaid to do it. Helping to raise everybody else’s kids year in and year out is a horribly difficult job, that I would never do. So stop hating on them for working together to get better pay. If you asked for a raise, and got it, wouldn’t you be proud of yourself?

    Haters… everywhere. Always.

    • Yep, and looking at city vs city pay scales Torrance teachers really are underpaid compared to similar California cities. Btw pay scales are all up as public record on the internet

    • Here we go. If anyone dares voice even the slightest disagreement with the teachers union position or the methods they employ to achieve their aims, they automatically get labeled a “hater” or worse. I actually agree that teaching is not an easy job and that teachers should be fairly compensated for what they do. I also have no problem with teachers seeking better pay and benefits, especially in instances where they are truly being underpaid. You’re wrong anonymous. I am not a hater.

  • Anonymous

    I didn’t call you a hater because you disagreed with the teachers union. You disagree with almost everything. You are just a hater and a whiner.

  • Larry Corrao

    Thank you for passing along this information Clint.
    As an informed Torrance resident, I am not surprised by the demands of the teacher’s union. Clearly they do not realize from where the money that pays their salaries and benefits comes.
    I’m hoping I see in my lifetime less government control and more privatization & competition in the educational system.

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