Chery Carew and Helping Homeless Children Through Family Promise

Even though Chery Carew and her husband Stan, of 35 years, never had kids of their own raising children has been a significant part of their lives.  She filled her home with such warmth and hospitality that many of those Family Promisechildren she helped raise from her extended family lovingly refer to her home as “Hotel Carew.”  Chery is now trying to bring that same sense of kindness and compassion encompassed in “Hotel Carew” to homeless children throughout the South Bay by helping to establish a unique charity called Family Promise.

Family Promise is unique in that it caters specifically to homeless families with children.  Through Family Promise Chery seeks to bring hope, dignity, and a life change for homeless families by providing temporary housing and helping families to develop the tools they need to get back on their feet and into sustainable employment.

Family Promise GirlAs a lifetime resident of the South Bay, Chery knows how homelessness can often go unnoticed. Though not talked about much, it is a significant local problem.  On any given night there are nearly 7000 homeless people in the South Bay.  Many of these are families with young children.  The plight of homeless families is especially difficult as most homeless shelters separate families.  Families that can’t find temporary shelter are often forced to sleep in their cars.  Sadly, some have no choice but to sleep outside.

Chery was inspired to start Family Promise after taking part in a Program that visited over 37 non-profit organizations and witnessing all the good that could be accomplished when one person followed through on their dream.  Despite keeping quite busy as an active member of her church and running a marine equipment consulting firm that she has owned with her husband since 1980, she has made time for Family Promise because she has a  passion for helping the people in the world that have the least.  She wants to help them move up, and to become successful.

Family Promise CardboardTo further that cause, Family Promise will hold two key upcoming fundraisers.  One of these called Cardboard Box City will be held on Saturday, September 20th at the First Christian Church in Torrance.  At that event, people will be able to help create a city out of cardboard boxes as they enjoy an evening of food, entertainment, and chances to win tickets to such locales as Knott’s Berry Farm.  Another event, Empty Bowls, is scheduled for October 11th at the American Martyrs Parish.

Family Promise is also seeking those willing to volunteer in various capacities throughout the organization.  Details on how to get involved, participate in any of the upcoming events, or become a donor can be found here at the Family Promise of the South Bay website.  With your help, Chery will be able to share the “Hotel Carew” experience with many deserving children in the South Bay.

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